Jaemin Paik

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When We All Live To 150

2012, Jun

1 year Research Project, Mixed media

How would family life change if we all lived to one-hundred and fifty or beyond? With up to six generations living together, and the possibility of huge age gaps between siblings, the traditional model of the family would change dramatically, perhaps even becoming unsustainable with the burden of its large membership. This project explores the lives an structures of future families in an era of extended life-spans by tracing the story of seventy-five year-old Moyra and her sprawling contract-based family.

Special Thanks to Mary, Ted, Elsie and Moyra
Thanks to senior residents in Castle House and Christina Burnett

Photographer / Taehyung Kim
Make-up / Seula Kim
Stylist / Heo Sohn
Models / Moyra, Ted, Elsie, Simon King, Angie Chace, Edson Chace
Assistant / Anastasia Vikhornova
Book Design / Ilona Gaynor